About Memfix

Memfix.net offers remote desktop support in which we call the client and remotely connect to their computer using a one time code and password that changes each time a new session is started. We remove viruses, malware and resolve any and all operating system issues. We work on Mac & Pc's not matter how big the problem we are here to help you solve it. Memfix.net also offers referral discounts so that your services become cheaper if you refer more people to use our services. You can check out more information about Memfix on www.memfix.net. No hidden service fees, professional services in which we show you what we found and what we did to resolve your issue and a professional agent for each and every client we contact, we even check in with you to make sure everything is running smooth and no other issues are present for no extra fee. Here are Memfix we believe in taking care of our clients. We have over 10 years of experience as well as multiple degrees in IT/Networking and a Bachelors in Computer science as well as over 10 years of experience in the field of computer repair and technical support. 

Memfix also specializes in graphic design and website design as well with multiple clients and websites that have been created by Memfix throughout the years. We also do desktop publishing which allows us to help those whom need help with typing resumes, creating flyers, banners, and other documents that are personally tailors to each client requests.